Snowy London Wedding // Hsu and James


Hsu and James got married on the 3rd March, the anniversary of their first date. This was clearly a special date for them, and when planning their spring wedding they never could have anticipated that the beast from the east would hit the UK bringing snow storms, freezing temperatures and causing havoc across the country! 


At home in Somerset on the Friday I was completely snowed in! The trains were cancelled and only 4x4's were chancing the snowy roads. I was getting nervous! In the end I hitch hiked to Bath with some lovely police ladies and made a train to London in good time for the wedding. Phew! 

With a few guests sadly unable to attend the show went on! And what a fun wedding it was. This was wedding part 2 of 3! James and Hsu were legally married in the week with close family. The second part of the wedding trio was an intimate celebration at Forth Floor Studios in London with a blessing ceremony conducted by a close friend, followed by a mad hatter style tea party with cocktails in tea pots and dancing into the night! It was a joy to photograph such a creative and personal wedding celebration with a couple who have so much fun together and are clearly so right for each other. 

And they still have one more wedding to go!