DIY Wedding Photography

DIY wedding set up

My favourite kind of wedding to photograph is a creative DIY wedding. I love watching the wedding party transform a blank canvas into the bride and grooms dream.

With many talented hands on deck, I’ve seen some wonderfully personal weddings come together, with so much thought, creativity and love. (not forgetting a bit of sweat and tears!)

I love it when a couple takes the traditional frame work of a wedding and makes it their own. From festival weddings, to comic book themed tea parties!

Some brides choose to make their own wedding dresses as the talented Natalie did! (where do you start?!)

Others let their musicians fancy dress take centre stage!

I asked a few of my DIY wedding couples for their advice on how to plan and execute a DIY wedding, they had some great pointers;

  • Delegate! See what talent you have amongst your friends and family that you can utilise and ask them if they would be willing to contribute to making your day special. Only ask for a small offerings but generally people love to help and be part of your big day

  • Make friends with spreadsheets! And get organised, set a budget, theme and time line.

  • Start early, the things you think will be quick to make the week before the wedding will end up keeping you up all night for a week!

  • Borrow and rent what you don’t need to buy. This is a good money saver and good for your environmental conscience :)

  • Get creative- up-cycle, customise, collect.

  • Stay true to yourself

  • Make sure you spend some time with your fiancé NOT planning your wedding from time to time for your sanity ;)

  • Have fun! It’s your wedding day after all.

Check out some of my favourite DIY weddings here and here, they may just give you some inspiration for yours! And please do get in touch should you wish to discuss your DIY wedding photography.